Bookshelf Speakers

  • Optimised woofer magnet systems deliver deep, punchy bass.
  • Silk dome tweeter combines refined presentation with high levels of detail.
  • Foam damper behind the tweeter diaphragm reduces reflections and creates a wide, effortless soundstage.
  • 135mm treated paper cone provides a smooth and even frequency response.
  • Precisely optimised crossovers for the most neutral, phase linear response.
  • CAD modelled rigid MDF cabinet minimises standing waves and keeps vibration to a minimum. 
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    SX50 is a pair of compact bookshelf speakers that can sit in the tightest and most demanding of spaces whilst still producing a confident, room-filling sound. 

    Thanks to careful engineering, SX50 speakers offer the listener an immense hi-fi sound stage and unrivalled value for money.

    SX-50 Bookshelf Speaker close-up

    Solid Foundations

    Great speakers begin with the cabinet. SX Series speakers use cabinets that make extensive use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to fully understand where they need to be braced and strengthened. Why? So that every millimetre of movement from the drivers is directed towards the listener as sound and not wasted as cabinet vibration.

    SX-50 Bookshelf Speaker inputs

    Perfect Reproduction

    SX Series speakers all make use of mid bass drivers that are made from treated paper. This might not sound terribly high tech, but the impressive strength to weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality so instrumentation sounds clear, well defined and believable. Taking care of the higher frequencies is a soft dome tweeter made from treated silk that offers the same balance of realism and refinement. 

    SX-50 Bookshelf Speaker close-up

    Many Drivers, One Voice

    Great care and attention has gone into the design of the crossovers in SX Series. As they are entirely responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency, we have worked hard to deliver this requirement as efficiently as possible. Timing and stereo imaging are accurate because the phase remains completely linear from top to bottom.

    SX-50 Bookshelf Speaker close-up

    A Design for Life

    SX Series speakers all feature clean, understated looks that allow them to sit in a variety of spaces and work in all of them. Whether you want a discrete pair of bookshelf speakers or a compromise-free 7.1 AV system for home cinema use, the SX series has the options to suit in a style that enthuses. 

  • Press reviews

    • Bob Vila

      United States,

      “At just 8.9 by 6.3 by 9.4 inches each, they produce a pleasing hi-fi sound whether you’re watching movies or listening to your favorite tunes, and their sleek matte black finish complements almost any decor.”

    • MacDirectory

      United States,

      "Cambridge Audio focuses on using the best components and technology to ensure their speakers perform at the highest level. With a classic understated look in either black or walnut the speakers look great with cabinets designed to eliminate standing sound waves."

    • What Hi-Fi?

      United Kingdom,

      "Sprightly speakers with much to offer, the SX-50s are a bargain and a worthy addition to any room’s furniture"

    • Acoustic Appraisals

      United Kingdom,

      "They pack a sound that you would not expect out of something so small and they are very nice classy and classic looking as well. So taking into consideration everything I have written and heard, these speakers are easily worth their price tag."

      Customer Reviews

    • The details

      Sensitivity 87dB
      Frequency response 50Hz-22kHz
      Impedance 8 Ohms compatible
      Recommended amplifier power 10-100 watts
      Drivers 5.25” (135mm) treated paper cone woofer 1” (25mm) Silk dome tweeter
      Crossover 2 way
      Ported 1 rear
      Magnetic shielding No
      Colour Matte Black
      Dimensions (HxWxD) 225 x 161 x 240mm (8.9 x 6.3 x 9.4")
      Weight 3.0kg (6.6lbs)