(Home Cinema) Centre Speaker

  • 25mm silk dome tweeter – for refined presentation & dialogue detail
  • 2 x 100mm treated paper cone woofers – for smooth & even frequency response
  • Precisely optimised crossovers – for a neutral, phase linear, response
  • CAD modelled rigid MDF cabinet – minimises standing waves to reduce vibration  
  • Refreshed clean design – designed to complement today’s interiors 
  • SX70. Dialogue Comes First 

    The centre speaker has one of the most demanding roles in home cinema, so we took great care when designing SX70. It has to deliver critical information to support on-screen action, while unifying the left and right speaker outputs into one seamless soundstage. SX70’s designed to match the other speakers in the series, both sonically and aesthetically, to play a central role in your home theatre setup.

    Living room with SX70 and SX60 Speakers
    SX70 Centre Speaker

    Solid as The Rock

    Home cinema speaker design starts with the cabinet. Computer-aided design (CAD) was used extensively to refine SX70’s internal structures, to ensure that while the drivers are vibrating with the soundtrack, the cabinet isn’t. This means that every millimetre of movement from the drivers is directed where it should be – at you. 

    SX70 Speaker

    Sound Reproduction

    SX70 has two 100mm (4") woofers made from treated paper. Audio manufacturers have used it for years, as paper’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality – so soundtracks sound rich and well defined. A 25mm (1") soft dome tweeter, made from treated silk, takes care of higher frequencies – like the finer points of dialogue.

    SX70 Centre Speaker Detail

    Many Drivers, One Voice

    Our team in London took great care and attention when designing the crossovers in SX70 – as they’re responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency. Accuracy of timing and stereo imaging depend on (the) phase remaining completely linear, from top to bottom. The result? Your soundtrack is engaging, energetic and crystal clear.

    SX70 Connections

    Engineered, Front to Back

    Turn SX70 around to see that our attention-to-detail runs from front to back. In the centre, there’s a pair of high-quality speaker binding posts (connectors), which can accept thick speaker cable – with or without banana plugs. They’re carefully angled to make connection particularly easy.

    SX70 on top of a tv cabinet

    Designed for Real Life

    New look SX70’s clean, understated design exudes confidence and will complement any AV rack. Leave the grille on to protect the drivers from little fingers, or to gain acceptance from your interior designer – alternatively take it off to celebrate your great taste in movies (and speakers). 

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  • The details

    Sensitivity 85dB
    Frequency response 65Hz – 20kHz
    Impedance 8 Ohm
    Drivers 2 x 100mm (4’’) woofers 1 x 25mm (1’’) silk dome tweeter
    Recommended amplifier power 10 – 100 Watts
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 138 x 360 x 246mm (5.4 x 14.2 x 9.7” )
    Weight 4.0kg (8.8lbs)
    Colour Black Matte