Ultra compact speakers

The Minx series redefines what’s possible from speakers this size. Each unit is discrete in both stature and design, yet they all produce a huge sound normally only associated with much larger, traditional box speakers.

The Minx range is comprised of 4 different models: two satellite speakers, Min 12 and Min 22, and two subwoofers, X201 and X301. Each of the products work together harmoniously so you can pick a combination that suits your space, whether 2.1 or 5.1, and will sound perfectly matched.

minx hero
White Minx Min 12 bookshelf speaker attached to table stand
Satellite Speakers

The Minx satellite speakers come in two sizes; the single driver Min 12 and the double driver Min 22. Both use BMR® speaker technology to produce an exceptionally wide sound dispersion but the Min 22 gives you more thanks to a secondary dedicated low frequency driver. This means you get even more power, control and responsiveness.

Black Minx Min 12 bookshelf speaker in shelving unit with books
BMR® Speaker Technology

Unlike traditional pistonic or flat panel speakers, BMRs® drivers combine vertical and horizontal dispersion using Horizontal Vibration Modes. This means BMRs® can deliver a much wider sound stage and a truly room-filling performance.

Minx Min 12 black bookshelf speaker and black subwoofer in shelving unit
Always in the Sweet Spot

BMR drivers offer 180° dispersion so they’re easy to position and sound great wherever you are. This means there’s no specific sweet spot; instead they offer a coherent room filling sound no matter the shape and size of your space.

They’re capable of mid-range so they integrate beautifully with a subwoofer. For more information on our unique BMR technology click here.

black minx X301 subwoofer next to dark wood tv unit

Complementing the satellites are two subwoofers, each packed with cutting-edge technology to maximise bass performance from the smallest cabinets possible. The 200 watt X201 and the 300 watt X301 subwoofers both feature forward firing drivers and Auxiliary Bass Radiators resulting in room shaking bass.

Minx X201 white subwoofer in shelving unit next to dog statue
Intelligent Power

Our software engineers have designed a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide real-time control of equalisation and dynamic range. This allows the X201 to handle more power and play louder than ever!

White Minx X301 subwoofer next to green arm chair
Innovative Drivers

The two subs use an innovative driver plus an Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) system. This means that rather than having an enclosed box which would require even more power, or a ported design which would require a bigger cabinet we can achieve an extremely efficient and powerful subwoofer housed in a tiny cabinet.

Black minx X201 subwoofer
Bass Control

Both subs feature a range of simple controls like volume and crossover frequency, to enable you to place them anywhere and match with any system. They also feature an energy saving ‘auto-on’ mode which automatically turns the subwoofer on when a signal is sensed, meaning it doesn’t have to be left on wasting electricity.

Minx Min 12 bookshelf speaker, one black one white
High-Quality Finish

Minx is finished to the highest possible standards in stunning white or black high gloss lacquers, using paint application techniques mastered in the premium car industry. Easy to clean, hard to scratch – Minx will look as good as it sounds for many years to come.

Black Minx Min 12 bookshelf speaker on table stand
Minx Accessories

Minx satellite speakers can be mounted a number of different ways. They can sit on any surface or be mounted on adjustable floorstands, discrete table stands or pivoting wall mount brackets. So there’s always a practical way of integrating the Minx speakers into your home.