SX Series hi-fi speakers are the perfect partner for Cambridge Audio electronics and a wide range of other equipment. Speakers are the voice of any system and the engineering required to make a truly capable one is demanding. 

Everything our London-based engineering team know from more than five decades of audio R&D, is present in SX Series. 

SX120 close-up
Perfect Reproduction

SX Series speakers all make use of mid bass drivers that are made from treated paper. This might not sound terribly high tech, but the impressive strength to weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality so instrumentation sounds clear, well defined and believable. Taking care of the higher frequencies is a soft dome tweeter made from treated silk that offers the same balance of realism and refinement. 

SX70 close-up
Many Drivers, One Voice

Great care and attention has gone into the design of the crossovers in SX Series. As they are entirely responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency, we have worked hard to deliver this requirement as efficiently as possible. Timing and stereo imaging are accurate because the phase remains completely linear from top to bottom.

SX70 close-up
Un diseño para siempre.

El aspecto de todos los altavoces de la gama SX es limpio, una imagen sencilla que les permite encajar y funcionar en una gran variedad de espacios. Si deseas un par de altavoces de estantería diferentes o un sistema 7.1 AV sin concesiones para una experiencia de cine en casa, la gama SX tiene opciones para adecuarse al estilo que te apasione.