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Upsampling Home Cinema Receiver

Music and Films in Audiophile Quality

The ultimate audiophile home cinema receiver - the Cambridge Audio Azur 751R will make your music sound as great as your movies, with both sounding out of this world. It's perfect for pumping out audiophile stereo and the biggest of big-screen surround sound action. And it'll squeeze the maximum detail from any audio and video source you throw at it.

Video and Audio Upsampling

The 751R's Anchor Bay ABT2010 scaler will coax 1080p Full HD detail out of even analogue video signals, but the amp also features a unique scaler bypass mode that improves picture quality by preventing "double-scaling" content that has already been upscaled externally (for instance on a Blu-ray player or PS3).

And as well as video upscaling, the 751R features audio upsampling. Detail from any audio source, from MP3s to high-end digital audio streams, can be boosted to up to 24-bit/192kHz better-than-CD-quality. Digital audio files from laptops etc. can also be upsampled via the asynchronous USB input, bypassing soundcards for maximum quality and delivering 24-bit/192kHz ultra-high-quality audio.

Perfect Surround Sound

the 751R has the full range of top-end home cinema receiver features: 7.1 outputs (with option to run twin subs), two Texas Instruments 32-bit DSPs to support a broad range of surround formats and speaker layouts, and a comprehensive range of HDMI inputs and outputs. It also features our unique "Follow Main" Zone 2 option.

"Follow Main" lets you listen to the same digital source as is playing in the main room, in another room (most modern amps will only let you hear analogue sources elsewhere).

Another feature rarely found elsewhere for the 751R is DTS remapping. This lets you easily rephrase DTS-HD High Resolution and Master Audio format audio signals to your 7.1 speaker layout perfectly.

Sound First Design

For brilliant, pin-sharp audio - in both stereo and surround modes - the 751R features a range of quality components that fit with our principle of designing for "Sound First". Toroidal transformers for a high purity, low-distortion signal, discrete amplifiers to reduce noise and X-Tract near-silent cooling combined with a rigid low-resonance chassis maximise audio signal quality.

And there's plenty of room-filling power too - 200W RMS power in stereo (2 channels at 6 ohms); 120W RMS power per channel for home cinema surround sound (7 channels at 8 ohms).

Stunning power, stunning audio reproduction, and the best audio and video from any source - the Cambridge Audio Azur 751R Upsampling Home Cinema Receiver is the ultimate home cinema receiver if you want the best in surround sound and visuals and the best in audiophile hi-fi stereo sound, all in one package. Our technology makes the most of every digital detail, so you literally get more out of your movies and music.

  • Power output200W RMS per channel, into 6 ohms (two channels driven)
    170W RMS per channel, into 8 ohms (two channels driven)
    120W RMS per channel, into 8 ohms (all 7 channels driven)
  • HDMIHDMI 1.4a, EIA/CEA - 861D, HDCP 1.1, ARC and 3D-TV/deep colour pass through supported
  • ArchitectureCirrus Logic CS43122 24-bit 192kHz capable DAC for Front Left & Right Cirrus Logic CS52526 24-bit 192kHz capable CODEC for surround channels + 24-bit 2 channel
  • A/D ConversionTwo TI Aureus DA788 32-bit DSPs Additional AD SP-21261 40-bit DSP performing 24bit/192kHz ATF Upsampling Anchor Bay ABT2010 scaler USB 1.0: 16-24-bit, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz USB 2.0: 16/24-bit 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz
  • Audio Inputs8 x line level analogue
    Tuner (FM/AM)
    7.1 multi-channel analogue input
    1 x asynchronous USB audio input
    5 x digital co-axial, 5 x digital optical
  • Video Inputs6 x HDMI (5 x HDMI 1.4a, 1 x front panel HDMI 1.3c)
    3 x Component Video
    4 x Composite
    4 x S-Video
  • Main Audio Outputs7 Amplified Speaker
    Outputs 7.2 Preamp outputs
  • Main Video Output2 x HDMI (1.4a), ARC through HDMI A
  • Zone 2 OutputsSurround back channels, 2.1 preamp audio outputs, component, S-Video and composite video outputs
  • Recording Audio Outputs2 x Line Level Analogue
    2 x Digital Co-Axial
    2 x Digital Optical
  • Other connections1 1/4" / 6.35mm Headphone Output (32 To 600 ohms recommended) 3 x IR emitter outputs 1 x IR Receiver Input (un-modulated) 1 x IR Emitter Input (modulated) 1 x Zone 2 IR emitter input 1 x control bus input/output 2 x 12V trigger outputs 1 x RS232C 1 x IEC
  • THD<0.006% @1kHz
  • Crosstalk<-80dB
  • Frequency response10Hz - 20kHz ±1dB
  • S/N Ratio>90dB 'A' weighted
  • Max. Power Consumption1700W
  • Standby power consumption<0.5W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)430 x 150 x 420mm (5.9 x 16.9 x 16.5’’)
  • Weight17.4Kg (38.3lbs)

Hi-Fi Live Magazine (ES, )

"Conclusiones Las posibilidades de reproducción en red del 752BD complementan al receptor 751R, y la entrada USB asíncrona de éste, además de las ópticas y coaxiales, dan la contrapartida para formar un conjunto que se complementa bien. ¿Los recomiendo juntos? Sí… Pero tanto uno como otro tienen tanto o más sentido por sí mismos, en cualquier equipo."

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Sound & Vision (US, )

"Cambridge Audio’s Azur 751R is beautifully built and meticulously finished... its audio/video performance was powerful, pristine, and without any weaknesses I could uncover. If your ideal of A/V system architecture is a setup that you tweak and calibrate only once and then simply use day-to-day, adjusting little beyond the volume control — and if cost is not an overwhelming consideration — you will be pleased. Delighted. Thrilled. Yes, the Azur 751R sounds that good."

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AV Max (IN, )

"So if your priority is sound... then the 751R is definitely a good choice for you."

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Home Theatre (US, )

"If it could somehow leap off this page into your ears, you’d know you’re in the presence of greatness within the first five minutes of any dynamically and timbrally challenging content. The Azur 751R is worth every penny of its asking price." (HK, )

"英國Cambridge Audio最新7.1 AV擴音機Azur 751R就能兩面兼顧,睇戲時支援3D、Deep Colour等高規格視訊,聽歌就支援24bit/192kHz ATF升頻功能,提升音色分析力,表現不比高階純音樂擴音機遜色。"

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