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The Aeromax Speaker Range

Together they represent the flagships of our speaker range and according to our Acoustics Director, Dominic, “they are phenomenal!”

It may look like we’ve simply given our Aero speakers a bit of a make over, but oh no. There’s much more to the Aeromax speakers than that.

Both Aeromax speakers feature all of the clever BMR wizardry that made the original Aero range sound so good. Missed our blog piece on explaining what BMR is? Make sure you check it out here.

But what are the technical differences of the speakers that give these new Aeros the ‘Max’ part of their name? Our Acoustics Director, Dominic, explains:

  • New BMR drivers - Aeromax 2 and Aeromax 6 both feature brand new, 4th generation BMR drivers with exceptional high frequency extension to deliver a crisp and detailed top end.
  • Improved crossover - Aeromax uses ultra-high grade crossover components to bring superb levels of detail and transparency.
  • Superior cabinet bracing - Extensively braced cabinets lock the drive units mechanically to the cabinet structure resulting in lower colouration and cleaner dynamics. This is especially important with Aeromax as the drivers are actually high power subwoofers, so the more rigid the cabinet the better.
  • New speaker grille - The all new curved speaker grilles optimise acoustic transparency.
  • New speaker terminals - Aeromax 2 and 6 feature brand new, audiophile grade, gold plated speaker terminal posts for the ultimate performance.
  • High grade internal cabling - Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) internal cabling for the purest signal path from the audiophile grade and gold plated terminal posts to the crossover and drive units.
  • Two luxurious finishes-. Aeromax 2 and 6 are available in gloss white and gloss black lacquer finishes for a truly high end appearance.


When evaluating the overall performance of the Aeromax, Dominic concludes, “We incorporated a lot of changes and improvements when we were designing these speakers and the huge benefit that all of these differences make when working together is far greater than the sum of the parts. The bass is stronger, the mid is clearer and the treble is crisper; we really are proud of these!”

Had chance to give the Aeromax range a listen? Make sure you let us know what you think in the comments!