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Product Update

  • Fixed a TIDAL Integrated audio dropout when skipping AAC tracks with a premium subscription
  • Fixed a Cast authentication issue that caused Cast to stop working for some users
  • Changed "play-from-here" behaviour to clear the current queue before adding new tracks
  • Fixed playback pausing between tracks when using 3rd party UPnP control points.
  • Fixed CXR power on/off via the SM App
  • Fixed CXR IR remote control transport buttons
  • Increased maximum number of presets from 20 to 99
  • Fixed metadata reporting for Control4/RTI systems
  • Removed 50th anniversary Cambridge Audio logo from the webmin settings page
  • Improved initial setup process
  • Updated "Edge Remote" app references to "StreamMagic"
  • Updated webmin device settings headings
  • Fixed playback when selecting specific tracks from the queue on CXR
  • Fixed mDNS broadcasting after changing the device name and then rebooting

Information about previous firmware updates can be found on the following pages

Edge NQ