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What is Multiroom?

Smartphone playing music through the CXN100

Take it back to basics for us. What does ‘multiroom’ mean? What are the benefits of multiroom? 

"So, what we generally regard as multiroom is the ability to have music playing in multiple rooms. The key benefit is that you have control in where and when your music is played at home – and you’re not confined to one room!  

We usually mean the same music, but if for example you had a teenager with specific taste in music – different to yours, naturally – you could also control the power of both their and your Cambridge Audio speakers via the StreamMagic app. This means if you popped out for a family day out, you could turn everyone’s music off at the touch of a button. Super handy.

Smart speakers and other Roon Ready streamers – as long as they’re all on the same network – can all play together in the same groups or zones. You might create an ‘Upstairs’ group, to keep music playing across a bedroom or an office during your hallway ‘commute’. Or an ‘Evening’ zone, that powers speakers in a living room and dining room at the same time for when you’re entertaining friends. There are plenty of ways to build your ideal listening experience."

An MXN10 on a shelf between a row of vinyl records and an older Cambridge amplifier, with a music poster behind them

What Cambridge Audio products are multiroom compatible? 

"All of our network players from Azur 851N onwards – what we call Gen 2 upwards – are all Airplay compatible and Roon Ready.  

We added Chromecast after Gen 3, so that can be used on CXN100, Edge NQ and our Evo 75 and 150 all-in-one players."


Is multiroom easy to set up? Can Cambridge network players work alongside speakers or other products from different brands? 

"If you own Apple, Google or Roon products, it’s quite likely you’re already familiar with their technology, so setting up multiroom should be fairly straightforward. The language varies from app to app, but for each of these options you don't even need to use the StreamMagic app; you can use the Roon or Google Home apps, or AirPlay settings to create your groups.

Whether you’re an Apple person who likes to use Airplay because that's been kicking around for years, or if you're a Google person and you happen to have a Nest Mini somewhere or other or a Chromecast plugged into your telly, you should be aware of that technology.

We definitely don’t expect people to have a Cambridge product in every room! Luckily, because we’re combining our tech with other brands’ capabilities, you can have a variety powering your multiroom listening experience.

To give an example set-up: you might have a CXN100 in a living room or dedicated listening space, and a smart speaker in the kitchen, so you can grab a snack without needing to pause your album.  

All of these products can show up when you’re casting music, as long as they’re on the same network (i.e. your Wi-Fi). "

Model with Tablet

Anything else we should consider when using StreamMagic with multiroom?

"Not really – although I will say that all of us in the company genuinely love seeing people using their Cambridge products, so whatever room you’re listening in, be sure to share it on social media using #MyCambridgeAudio!"

We also love a good marketing plug. Thanks, Chris!

Chris S

Chris Saunders

Head of Software

Chris has been with Cambridge since 2011. As Head of Software, he’s involved in many aspects of product development but most of all makes sure the software team are creating the best products they can, in the best ways possible.

As well as working with our software engineers, making sure they have all they need, he also works with all other aspects of our business gathering requirements, so that we're sure our products exceed the expectations of all our listeners.

Outside of work, when he's not running he can be found on a stage with his band, playing guitar. To that end, you may even see him making the odd appearance on stage in our Melomania venue.