Desktop Dream Team

When you want award-winning hi-fi quality sound, but don’t have the space for full-width 430mm kit, then we might have just what you’re looking for. Team a DacMagic 200M headphone amp with an MXN10 compact network player to start creating a bespoke compact system. Then decide whether you want to use then with a nice pair of headphones or active speakers – perhaps even both.

Desktop set-ups (or head-fi if you prefer) are ideal for studies and home offices – but can also work in a corner of the living room. Perfect if you want to relax with some quality music, and a glass of something nice, while the rest of the household sleeps

MXN10 and DacMagic 200m in a stack

Come Together

DacMagic 200M and MXN10 share the same outer dimensions and minimalist family look. Their half-width 215mm footprints allow for flexible placement, either stacked or side by side. As they now come in lunar grey or special edition black, you’ve got even more options for where they might look best.

Close up of the DacMagic 200m showing the headphone input

Head Over Heels

DacMagic 200M is a fine headphone amplifier, as well as a class-leading DAC. With a ¼” (6.3mm) gold plated headphone connector on the front, and tactile volume control dial, you can enjoy high resolution music from the connected MXN10, in private and at the quality you deserve. A good coaxial cable and a decent set of headphones is all you need to add.

  • “I bought the DacMagic 200M to use with my recently purchased MXN10. This allows me to use headphones to listen without turning the rest of my system on. The sound quality, value for money and the inclusion of Bluetooth, also the ability to take the volume control out of circuit, are what attracted me.” 

    DacMagic 200M listener, Essex, England

MXN10 in silver sitting on a sideboard next to vinyl records, a smartphone and a vintage amplifier

A Decade of Streaming Distilled

Our latest StreamMagic Gen 4 module and software powers MXN10. It’s a system we developed in London ourselves for no-compromise hi-fi sound and rock-solid streaming performance. It’s intuitive to use, and with DacMagic 200M on hand to do the digital to analogue conversion, can playback music with up to an incredible 24bit 768KHz PCM or DSD512 resolution.

MXN10 and DacMagic 200M in black on a marble surface

What You Waiting For?

Together MXN10 and DacMagic 200M could be exactly what you’ve been after – the building blocks of a compact system for those times when you need to escape and lose yourself in great sounding music. We’re confident that that you’ll love the pairing, so much so that we offer a 60-day money-back home trial.