Welcome to Melomania

We love live music so much, we built a music venue at Cambridge Audio HQ. Pieced together by our very own engineering team, we transformed the dull, empty void that was our ground floor into an exciting event space.

Take a look around

Melomania music venue clean cut kid

The venue space is set up to accommodate all types of events, including live performances, album playbacks, exhibitions, rehearsals and more. And yes, there is a bar!

Melomania venue bar

The Space

• 2250 sq.Ft. / 210 sq. Metres

• Maximum capacity: 150-200 people

• Stadium seating for up to 35 people

• Table and chairs to seat 18 guests

• DJ Booth with full spec Pioneer DJ system

• 3.4 metre long bar with fridges

• Small catering kitchen

• Stage with front end system, multi channel recording and DMX lighting

Melomania venue seating

Tech Breakdown

68 x Min 22 speakers 
These are housed in flying arrays, giving the venue a stadium sound system feel

19 x Aero 9 subwoofers
Split up into 4 quite intimidating looking towers of bass power

4 x 851W power amplifiers 
Because 3 amplifiers just isn’t enough

Mackie 32 channel 24bit/48kHz mixer
All iPad controlled

Xta DP448 24bit/96kHz audio system management
To stop people playing TOO loud!

For More Information

[email protected]