Mighty Small Speakers

Minx redefines what’s possible from compact speakers. Each model is discreet in form and style, yet all produce a sound normally associated with much bigger speakers.

The award-winning Minx series is now in its 3rd generation. Evolved with new speaker drivers, and an even more subtle look.

Minx comprises 5 models: the compact Min 12 and Min 22, the X201 and X301 subwoofers, plus the C46 ceiling speaker. You can pick the exact combination for your particular space and needs – adding to it if they change. Whether it’s a pair of Minx compact speakers with a sub for the home office, a full home cinema setup to bring films to life, or a system for the family room to playlist mealtimes, the sound will be perfectly matched.

Black Minx range of speakers and subwoofer, light blue background
  • Empire Magazine

    "Beautifully straddling the divide between price, performance and aesthetics, Cambridge Audio's Minx series should be high on the list of anyone looking to up their audio game"

  • What Hi-fi 5-star award

    "Where space is tight, the minuscule Minx fits the bill and sounds fabulous"

    close-up image of white minx min 22 speaker, 45 degree angle

    Beautifully Designed

    Minx compact speakers are encased in high-gloss ABS cabinets, the speaker drivers mounted in cast aluminium exoskeletons – they’re reassuringly heavy. Designed to look as good as they sound, in a choice of piano black or arctic white lacquer.

    Minx subwoofers share the high-gloss finish and woven driver covers, trimmed with a subtle aluminium Cambridge Audio roundel.

    Woman on green sofa, holding a drink and watching tv, black minx min 22 speakers on floor stands in distance

    Blends In, Outstanding

    Minx’s diminutive proportions, understated looks, and choice of colour means that they won’t overwhelm your living room, home office or dining room. Minx was designed to be heard, but not seen. That said, their high quality finish and timeless style should please even the toughest interior design critic.

    Man holding black floorstand showing the back of black minx min 22 speaker, woman in background

    Beautiful & Useful

    Minx compact speakers, unusual for products of this size, have hi-fi quality cable connectors. They come with banana plugs, for easy connection to high quality speaker cable – meaning your soundtracks won’t be lost in translation. There are mounting screws on the back too, to accept our range of dedicated accessories.

    two white minx min 12 speakers on table stands set-up on desk with iMac

    Small Speakers, Big Sound

    Great looking small speakers are one thing, but they need to sound great too. Minx’s solid construction and material choices ensure that soundwaves go where they should – straight into your room. The Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers used in Minx compact speakers ensure wide 180° sound dispersal.

    Black minx X201 subwoofer, 45 degree side angle

    Hidden Depths

    Minx subwoofers use Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) speaker tech to pack a punch beyond their relatively compact size. Combined with your choice of Minx compact speakers you can build a bespoke system to make film soundtracks truly immersive without immersing your house in bulky hardware.

    Living room with green sofa, TV and 4 black Minx Min 22 speakers setup on floorstands

    Minx, a Flexible Friend

    All Minx speakers are available individually – so you can buy only what you need. There are multiple possible configurations, for example: 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 5.1.2, 7.1 and 7.1.2.

    If you upgrade your AV amp to a Dolby Atmos™ model, you can always add some Minx C46 ceiling speakers for fully immersive soundtracks.

    white minx min12 speaker attached to table stand

    Your Minx, Your Choice

    Minx compact speakers are small enough to fit most surfaces, they also come supplied with flush-fitting wall brackets. We also make adjustable wall brackets, stylish aluminium table stands and floorstands for them too.

    The beautifully discreet subwoofers are equally at home in the corner of the living room or under a desk.

    Living room with couple on green sofa, TV and 4 black Minx Min 22 speakers setup on floorstands

    Small Speakers, Big Screen Thrills

    Whether you’re streaming the latest film, or watching your prized Blu-ray collection, you know that on-screen action only really comes to life with immersive sound. Minx’s compact form, and high-quality sound, means you can enjoy the magic of the movies without your AV set-up dominating the room.

    Man sat at desk, evo 150 on the left, white minx min 12 speakers on table stands either side of him, white x201 subwoofer to the right

    Listen While You Work

    With more of us working from home nowadays, why compromise your listening pleasure? A pair of Min 12s or Min 22s paired with an X201 subwoofer won’t take up precious space – but connected to an amp, will mean you’ll hear your ‘Best WFH Playlist’ in real hi-fi clarity.


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