Bluetooth speakers designed by Hi-Fi engineers

Imagine if you could get Thomas Heatherwick to design your garden shed, Heston Blumenthal to make you a sandwich or Dave Grohl to sing you Happy Birthday. The results would definitely exceed expectation.

Yoyo is a range of Bluetooth speakers designed with the craftsmanship, passion for sound and technological curiosity that only a Hi-Fi engineer can deliver.

Consider your Bluetooth speaker expectations exceeded.


The sound you can expect from Yoyo is a British Sound. A Great British Sound in fact. What that means is that you hear your music as close to the original studio recording as possible. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Find out more about the origins of British Sound in this video.

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (S), (M) and (L) Bluetooth speakers
Inside Skeleton of Yoyo Bluetooth Speakers


The Yoyo range is comprised of three different models: (S), (M) & (L) all of which have been designed Sound First. From high performance, low distortion amplifiers to high quality driver units, every component has been specifically selected by our Hi-Fi engineers to deliver the best possible performance from your digital music.


Each speaker has been individually designed and spec’d to address certain needs and habits. Whether that is portability, an appreciation for stereo sound, a habit of throwing 24 hour parties or equally long conference calls (we hope not) or simply finding the best sounding speaker to fit a small, medium or large room, you’ll find the right fit.