Minx Xi


Gracias a un DAC de Wolfson y un amplificador Class AB, el Xi transmitirá la música a través de wi-fi o Bluetooth con unos niveles de sonido de excepcional potencia, detalle y claridad.


Gracias a la tecnología Bluetooth, es posible transmitir contenidos musicales desde servicios como Spotify directamente a Minx Xi, y acceder a más de 20000 emisoras de radio por Internet. Por lo tanto, siempre podrá encontrar algo nuevo e interesante para escuchar.

Además, mediante la conexión del dispositivo BT100 opcional, podrá transmitir música de manera inalámbrica desde su smartphone o tableta a través de Bluetooth, para disfrutar de la música almacenada en su teléfono, de las descargas de sus amigos o de sus servicios musicales preferidos. BT100 está equipado con tecnología aptX, por lo que podrá disfrutar de streaming de alta resolución a través de los dispositivos admitidos.
* Sujeto a la disponibilidad del mercado


Gracias al DAC (convertidor de digital a analógico) WM8728 de Wolfson de 24 bits/96 kHz de gama alta, el dispositivo garantiza un audio de impecable claridad, independientemente del origen del sonido. El Xi también usa un suministro energético toroidal de grandes dimensiones para mejorar la generación del sonido y la calidad de los tonos graves en todo el rango de volumen.

  • Amplificador Class AB para reducir la distorsión acústica
  • Sincronización externa para minimizar las fluctuaciones de las transmisiones digitales de audio

Gracias a su increíble flexibilidad, es prácticamente imposible encontrar algún tipo de entrada cuyo sonido no sea mejorable a través de Minx Xi.

Características principales
Tec. Espec

Stuff Gadget Awards 2014

Reino Unido,

"Just add speakers and a hard drive full of music and you’ve got a little next-gen hi-fi of awesome quality."

What Hi-Fi?

Reino Unido,

"It’s easy to use, well built and sounds great - you won't be disappointed."

BBC Music Magazine

Reino Unido,

"If you are looking to haul your music listening into the 21st century look no further than this compact detailed system"

Hi-Fi Choice

Reino Unido,

"On features alone this is the winner. Indeed, it's rather difficult to understand quite how Cambridge Audio produces this unit for the money; it is so generously specified and has just about every feature under the sun."

Reino Unido,

"I can see the Minx Xi being at the heart of a most excellent and quite flexible small-room system."

Tech Crunch

Estados Unidos,

"Cambridge’s all-in-one streamer and DAC is a music lover’s best friend"


Reino Unido,

"lf you are looking for a system to put in the study or fancy sticking a toe in streaming water, then the Minx Xi is an easy recommendation. lt has the same sonic limitations as you find with any budget amplifier, but the feature set is strong and ease of use very high...Well worth checking out."


Reino Unido,

"Thanks to the hard work of the Wolfson DAC and audiophile-grade amp, even Bluetooth streaming sounds great."

Hi-Fi Choice

Reino Unido,

"A superb value package with proper hi-fi sounds that sets a new price benchmark."

Cool Hunting

Reino Unido,

"All of the high-end sound components within this well-designed, easy-to-use device make it a valuable investment if you're looking for a new home sound system."

PC Praxis


„Der Minx Xi weiß als Class AB-Verstärker klanglich zu brillieren.”



„Das Konzept kann inklusive der Ausstattung bis ins Detail überzeugen.”

HiFi Digital


"Verarbeitung, Optik, Ausstattung, Klang – Cambridges Minx Xi erfüllt sämtliche Disziplinen mit Bravour."

Top Audio Gear

Reino Unido,

"Convenience and quality seem finally to have united and in the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi that coming together has been nothing short of brilliant."

Tech Crunch

Estados Unidos,

"...a very desirable piece of kit for anyone looking to take their digital listening habits to the next level."


Reino Unido,

"It’s a smooth, effortless listen, with meticulously detailed reproduction giving an overall sense of refinement."


Estados Unidos,

"I really enjoyed the capabilities of the Minx Xi"

AV Forums

Reino Unido,

"The Cambridge Audio Minx Xi is another winning product from the British manufacturer. It combines looks, style, flexibility and performance in equal measures, whilst the price seems very reasonable when you consider all it can do."


Reino Unido,

"The high end components found in the new Minx Xi all-in-one music player promise music streaming and internet radio lovers top quality sound for a wallet-friendly price."

Países Bajos,

"The end result: the Minx Xi is not only one of the best designed all-in-one sound systems but also the best sounding."

Witch Doctor

Nueva Zelanda,

"Cambridge Audio has hit the nail on the head (again) with this product. It sounds good and does practically everything you could ask, playing an unfeasible number of file formats any number of ways."

Audio Stream

Estados Unidos,

"The Cambridge Minx Xi is a very nice all-in-one device. Capable of delivering music from network-based storage, USB storage, Internet Radio, a number of streaming services, as well as throwing in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with a 40W integrated amp and a headphone amp, there's an awful lot to like including its relatively small size and good looks."

Convertidor de digital a analógico

Wolfson WM8728


40 W RMS por canal (8 ohmios), 47 W RMS por canal (6 ohmios), 55 W RMS por canal (6 ohmios)


Reproducción musical de red (wi-fi y Ethernet), 16 - 24 bits, 3 entradas multimedia USB, 16 - 24 bits, Entrada TosLink, 16 - 24 bits, 32 Entrada S/PDIF, 16 - 24 bits, 32 Receptor Bluetooth BT100: A2DP y aptX 2 entradas analógicas, Entrada analógica de 3,5 mm, Salida de auriculares, 2 salidas de altavoces de 40 W RMS, Salida de subwoofer

Formatos de archivos digitales admitidos


Consumo energético en modo de espera


Consumo energético máximo


Voltaje de entrada de alimentación

100-120V AC or 220-240V AC


Blanco o negro brillantes

Dimensiones (An x Al x Pr)

90 x 270 x 285 mm (3,5 x 10,6 x 11,2 pulgadas)


5,8 kg (12,8 libras)