"I'm using my DacMagicXS every day with my Macbook Air and headphones. It's a very nice sound, and I'm  enjoying my music more now. I hope many Japanese Audiophiles get to know Cambridge Audio's sound."



DacMagic XS

Tragbarer USB-DAC

Der DacMagic XS USB Digital Analog Wandler (DAC)/Kopfhörerverstärker ermöglicht eine sofortige Verbesserung der Audio-Ausgabe an jedem Computer. Anschluss an jeden USB-Port schnell und einfach. Ob Lieblingsfilm oder Musikwiedergabe, mit dem DacMagic XS genießt du feinste klangliche Details, genau wie vom Künstler vorgesehen.

74,99 $

"I'm using my DacMagicXS every day with my Macbook Air and headphones. It's a very nice sound, and I'm  enjoying my music more now. I hope many Japanese Audiophiles get to know Cambridge Audio's sound."




Zwar mag dein Laptop für Tabellenkalkulation und E-Mails ausgezeichnet sein, jedoch kann er Sound nicht besonders gut verarbeiten. Deshalb haben unsere Techniker unseren preisgekrönten DacMagic XS entworfen, der die Audio-Wiedergabe von deinem Laptop sofort verbessert. Für einen unglaublich detaillierten Klang mit hoher Auflösung, stecke ihn einfach in den USB-Anschluss deines Computers oder Macs.


Ein DacMagic XS bietet bis zu 10-mal mehr Leistung als die Soundkarten der meisten. Die Kopfhörerausgabe liefert in der Regel nur ungefähr 15-20mW, was schwachen Bass und Mangel an Tiefe bedeutet. Der DacMagic XS  kann jedoch 105mW ausgeben, für richtige Tiefe und Lautstärke, die den besten Kopfhörern alles abverlangt, mit detailliertem Sound und ausgezeichnetem Bass.

Die Lautstärke kann leicht über die einfache Fingerspitzensteuerung angepasst werden, und eine LED zeigt die Sample Rate, damit du immer weißt, dass du das richtige Klarheitsniveau und Detail von deiner Musik bekommst.


Wir sind sicher, dass du den DacMagic XS immer bei dir haben möchtest. Deshalb haben wir sein leichtes, robustes Gehäuse aus Aluminium hergestellt. So wiegt er nur 100g. Es gibt den DacMagic XS in fünf atemberaubenden Versionen: Titan, Rot, Gold, Blau und Schwarz. Es ist deine Wahl.


Im USB-Klasse-2-Modus kann der DacMagic XS auch unseren zugehörigen Windows USB-Klasse-2-USB-Treiber verwenden (Treiber für Apple-Computer nicht benötigt). So kannst du den minderwertigen Signalweg des Betriebssystems von deinem Computer umgehen, wodurch ungewollte Störungen und Resampling vermieden werden und eine Tonausgabe von professioneller Qualität garantiert ist. Du musst dich nie wieder mit schlechtem Sound von einem Laptop abfinden!



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"It's a great choice for someone who wants to enjoy higher-quality music on the go."

Magnetic Mag

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"A highly recommended piece of technology for anyone that is listening to a lot of music on their computer. For its output, size and price it truly is one of the best buys in the after market DAC marketplace."

Device Squad

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'If you really want to hear your headphones, in-ears or external speakers as they were meant to be heard, get yourself one of these pocket-sized DAC converters from renowned sound specialists Cambridge Audio.'


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“If price is no object and your music source has a USB jack, the better-finessed Dac Magic XS ( $189 at amazon.com) is an audiophile's dream come true.”

Trusted Reviews

Vereinigtes Königreich,

"Boy does it deliver on the sonic front. It creates a huge, detailed soundstage that's full of warmth."

The Absolute Sound

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"The DacMagic XS delivers a lot of functionality and sonic goodness for under $200. For audiophiles looking for a road warrior that will also be at home hooked up to any computer, portable, or desktop, and will successfully drive most headphones, the Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS DAC is a very affordable option."


Vereinigte Staaten,

"Headphone amps built into computers are disgraceful, too - hissing audibly, always. DacMagic XS from Cambridge Audio is a terrific work-around, a tiny, 5-ounce DAC (digital to analog converter) box that plugs into a computer's USB jack and puts out high-quality, ultra-low-distortion sound. Just add headphones and serve."



"I'm using my DacMagicXS every day with my Macbook Air and headphones. It's a very nice sound, and I'm  enjoying my music more now. I hope many Japanese Audiophiles get to know Cambridge Audio's sound."


Vereinigtes Königreich,

"For the quality it brings to music it will be worth it."

The Batchelor Guy

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"If you thought the pricey cans you treated yourself to sounded good before, just wait until you jack them into the XS and hear what digital music is supposed to sound like."

Life Hacker

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"This matchbox-sized gadget is a boon for audiophiles who prefer to lose themselves in music during long haul flights."


Vereinigtes Königreich,

"The Cambridge delivers plenty of insight and has an appealingly delicate way with vocals – there’s natural warmth here and a nice full-bodied balance.“



"This little device is able to get a little closer to the experience of listening to music in a recording studio."

Hi-Fi Choice

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"Given how masterfully it handles hi-res sources in particular and its sterling work with lower-quality material, it isn't hard to say that this is probably the best entry-level DAC around."

Computer Shopper

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"The DacMagic XS is a great way of easily upgrading laptop audio. It's built-in headphone amp with handy volume controls make it ideal if you need top-notch sound on the move."


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"The Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS adds depth and detail to your digital files that you didn't know existed.“

Hi-Fi News

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"The DacMagic XS has an upfront, engaging and punchy sound, but this never descends into hardness or sounds unpleasant. It is a dramatic improvement over the internal sound systems of an Apple Macbook Pro for example"

Sound & Vision

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"If you’re looking for a USB DAC that will improve computer audio—but not break the bank—Cambridge Audio’s DacMagic XS is a leading contender."

What Hi-Fi?

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Best DAC under £100
"The best USB DAC if you're on a super tight budget, the DacMagic XS is truly portable, requiring no external battery, and connections are simple with just a USB input and 3.5mm output."

Witch Doctor


"Kramer searches for flaws but finds little to fault in Cambridge Audio’s new DAC that also happens to be a headphone amp, and for a small cost will resurrect the ‘hi’ in fi coming out of your PC or Mac.“


Micro USB Input, 3,5mm Analog-Output


ESS9023 24-Bit DAC

Mögliche Sample Rates

USB 1.0 Modus: 16/24-Bit, 44,1kHz, 48kHz, 88,2kHz, 96kHz USB 2.0 Modus: 16/24-Bit, 44,1kHz, 48kHz, 88,2kHz, 96kHz, 176,4kHz, 192kHz



Max. Stromverbrauch


Min. Kopfhörerimpedanz

12 Ohms


+/-0,2dB 20Hz – 20kHz

THD (ungewichtet)



103 dB (ungewichtet)




0,5 Ohm


53 Schritte (54 verschiedene Lautstärkeniveaus)

Maße (BxHxT)

30 x 10 x 53,5mm (1,2 x 0,4 x 2,1’’)


100g (3,5oz)