Cambridge Audio. For People Who Listen.

Music lovers around the world are missing out. You’re missing out.

Poor quality sound systems are everywhere, polluting our world with noise. We’re forced to accept bad sound experiences as the norm, which means there are moments in your music, ideas from your favourite artists, that you’ve never felt in full. That’s a crime.

Music is ever present. It shapes who we are. It inspires us, changes us, moves us. We define ourselves through our musical tastes. So why do we let it be demeaned and devalued? Don’t we want to hear our music at its best?

Cambridge Audio want to save the world from shit sound. We want you to hear your music at it’s very best, as the artist intended it to be heard, with nothing added, nothing taken away. That’s what we’ve always wanted because that’s what music lovers like us deserve. It’s why we we’re constantly experimenting, solving problems and creating new kit. It’s why we’ve been doing what we do for the last 50 years. It’s why we’re always trying to make the listening experience better. Pure.

However you listen, whatever your budget, our goal is simple: Give you the best possible sound, at the fairest possible price.


50 Years of Engineering Expertise

For 50 years now, we’ve pursued one simple goal: to engineer products that bring the Great British Sound into your home.

  • We deliver Great British Sound
  • We design and engineer in London
  • We are constantly innovating


The Soundest Moment, THE Soundest Price

However you listen, whatever your budget, we will give you the best possible sound, at the fairest possible price.

  • We make award-winning products
  • We are the UK’s best-selling amplifer brand
  • We offer a diverse range of audio products


Music Lovers on a Mission

Everything we do is driven by our love of music. Great things happen when people who love music make audio products

  • Hi-Fi made by Musicians
  • We built our own music venue
  • We support Music Charities

Let's start at the beginning


It’s been 50 years since we our founding, when a group of talented, young technology graduates established a high technology R&D and prototyping business in Cambridge, England. We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved in the 5 decades since.

Building audio equipment
P40 Stereo Amplifier
T50 Tuner + P50 Stereo Amplifier
R50 Transmission Line Speakers
C75 Pre amplifier + A75 Power amplifier
CD1 CD Player
CT50 Cassette Deck
DacMagic (Original)
Azur Series
840 Audiophile Series
Minx Speakers
Stream Magic
Aero and Aeromax Speakers
Wireless speakers
CX Series
-Great British Sound

Where it all began


In the 1960s three things happened simultaneously - British bands began to enjoy unprecedented global success, British studios led the way in recording technology and British manufacturers started to make the best hi-fi equipment in the world. Britain made a name for itself in all three areas but it was the studios and manufacturers that began to develop systems to capture and replay music as naturally as possible. Over time, this sound has become recognisably ‘British’. On with enjoying it.

Neon great british sound logo
Great British Sound
-Who we are

The team


This is the Cambridge Audio team. In each picture is our favourite moment in our favourite song. First and foremost, we’re all music lovers, musicians, and gig goers. It’s this passion that drives our desire to make sure our products make our moments sound exactly as they were made to be heard. Everything we do is driven by our love of music. We genuinely believe that great things happen when people who love music make audio products.

Anca Rolan
SE1 Headphones



We feel it’s right to give something back, so we give 5% of our profits to charity. We always support any of our colleague’s personal efforts such as sponsored runs or rides and we do our own fundraisers such as our SE1 headphone campaign where customers could purchase our unique in-ear headphones for whatever price they wanted and every single penny went to the fantastic Youth Music charity.

Members of Youth Music

We’re quite proud


It’s lovely when others recognise our excellence. We’re very proud of the many fantastic reviews and awards our products have received.

Collection of awards Cambridge Audio CXN Network Streamer

Our culture


This document started out as a presentation, it’s not quite a book, but it is an introduction to Audio Partnership and Cambridge Audio.

-The environment

Our Design Team, Manufacturing and Ethics

We are committed to the wellbeing of the workforces of our suppliers and the environment in which they operate, in the same way that we are to our employees and the environment, worldwide. We only work with partners who share our commitment to the protection and wellbeing of both.
A circuit board being worked on

Work with us


We believe a great company is created by employing the best people. Attitude and a cultural fit are all important when we recruit. So if you’re a music lover with a keen interest in hi-fi/technology and you like the sound of any of the positions below then get in touch.

Cambridge Audio staff in the office