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Updating your network player software

In order to join the beta testing program your network player will need to be running our 'Early Update' software version. Find out how to install this here.


Downloading the beta app


For iOS devices you will need to install an Apple beta testing app called TestFlight.

If you wish to proceed, please click here on your iOS device.

Android version

If you wish to proceed, please click here on your android device or visit the StreamMagic Play store page for details.



Once you have upgraded your network player software version and installed the new app you'll be ready to start testing. Please use the product as you would normally and feel free to explore the new features. If you experience any issues or bugs please submit feedback here.

Supported products

CXN, CXN (v2), CXR120/200, 851N, Edge NQ, Evo 75/150


StreamMagic app doesn't support the following products:

NP30 - Minx Xi - StreamMagic 6 - CXU - CXUHD