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Getting the most from your CXN V2 Pt1: BBC Sounds

It could be the perfect time to further explore the features of your CXN V2 Network Audio Streamer.

Although the CXN V2 is Roon Ready and has Spotify Connect, TIDAL and Qobuz built in, there’s a good chance that you may want to stream other content. One question we get asked a lot (especially in the UK) is “Can I play content from the BBC Sounds app?”

Our answer – of course you can! Not only that, but you’ve got a choice of how you do it!

The first method is good old-fashioned Bluetooth. If you've purchased the optional BT100 Bluetooth adapter, then you can simply connect your phone to your streamer and play as you would with a set of wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

For a slight bump in quality, Apple users can use the Airplay function on their devices. Simply click the icon at the bottom of the app screen and select Airplay. Your CXN V2 will appear as an output, providing you're connected to the same network.

BBC Sounds 1

Finally, both Apple and Android users can take advantage of Chromecast. Chromecast is a sharing feature that unlike Airplay (which uses the phone or tablet as a bridge) draws content directly from the server to the CXN V2. This means you don't have to remain connected to the same network and can use your phone for other things. Just select Chromecast and then your CXN V2.

BBC Sounds 1

The really good news is that these three methods will work for hundreds of applications, not just BBC Sounds, opening up a whole new world of audio on your streamer. Podcasts, audiobooks, talk radio, maybe even a bit of music. Get streaming!