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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Top Picks from Cambridge Audio

AXN10 Network Player

For the Dad who loves his vintage audio setup but wants to bring it into the 21st century, the AXN10 Network Player is perfect. 

This device allows seamless streaming of high-resolution audio from popular music services. It easily integrates into existing systems and supports a wide range of formats. It's like giving your Dad’s old system a turbo boost!


AXN10 Network Player

Melomania M100 - True Wireless Headphones with ANC

If your Dad is always on the go and loves listening to music, the Melomania M100 True Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) will be a hit. 

These headphones offer exceptional sound quality, long battery life, and the ability to block out unwanted noise, making them ideal for commutes, workouts, or simply relaxing at home.



Alva ST Bluetooth Turntable

For the Dad who treasures his vinyl collection, the Alva ST Bluetooth Turntable is a must-have. It combines the warmth of vinyl with the convenience of wireless streaming, delivering superior sound quality without the hassle of cables. 

This turntable is an excellent addition to any hi-fi setup, allowing your Dad to enjoy his favourite records with ease.


Alva ST

Evo 150 All-in-One Player

The Evo 150 All-in-One Player is the ultimate gift for the audiophile Dad. This sleek, stylish unit combines an amplifier, streamer, and DAC, offering a powerful and immersive listening experience. 

With its intuitive interface and stunning design, the Evo 150 makes it easy for Dad to access and enjoy his music library in high resolution. It's like giving him the Swiss Army knife of audio gear - everything he needs in one elegant package.


EVO 150

Minx Speakers

The Minx range of speakers is perfect for Dads who love to enhance their home audio experience. These compact yet powerful speakers offer high-quality sound and are ideal for creating an immersive audio environment in any room. 

Whether your dad prefers movies or music or is working from home, the Minx speakers deliver a rich, full sound that will transform his everyday listening. They’re small but mighty, providing exceptional audio performance in a compact form.


MINX Speaker

Why Buy Directly from Cambridge Audio?

When you buy directly from Cambridge Audio, you benefit from our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all purchases, ensuring that your gift arrives in three days or less as standard. Additionally, we provide a 60-DAY FREE RETURNS policy, allowing for risk-free shopping. Our EXCELLENT SUPPORT team is always ready to assist you, ensuring industry-leading customer satisfaction.

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