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How do you redesign an icon?

EVO 150 DeLorean Edition in the DeLorean factory

What ignited the idea for the Evo 150 DeLorean Edition?

"The DeLorean DMC-12 wasn't just a car; it was a statement. Its unique style inspired us to craft an audio device that's not just a nod to the past but a leap into the future of hi-fi audio."


Could you share the design philosophy that guided this edition?

"We wanted to create something that visually and sonically stood out, striking a balance between past and present. Our philosophy was to combine the pioneering spirit of DeLorean with the high-fidelity sound and minimalistic stylings of Evo 150."

Evo DeLorean Edition Front Panel

How did you approach the design process for the Evo 150 DeLorean Edition?

"When researching the DMC-12’s design, we focused on iconic elements like the brushed aluminium finish and grille. The challenge was integrating these into the Evo 150's design without sacrificing its overall aesthetic or functionality. It was an iterative process, balancing the essence of both inspirations."


What were the major hurdles in bringing this vision to life?

"Merging the DMC-12's retro-futurism with the Evo 150's modern aesthetic was challenging. We tried to honour the past without compromising on functionality and usability. It required a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of both design languages. "

Evo DeLorean Edition Side Panel

What are the standout aesthetic features from the DMC-12 that have been integrated into the Evo 150 DeLorean Edition?

"We carefully selected nostalgic elements that fit seamlessly into a modern context. The brushed aluminium panels echo the DMC-12’s stainless steel exterior, while the front slatted grille and the DMC logo are direct tributes to the car’s iconic design."

Why was aluminium chosen for this edition, and what does it say about the craftsmanship involved?

"Aluminium was selected to reflect the DMC-12’s aesthetics whilst being a practical solution for audio equipment. It mirrors the car’s brushed stainless steel while offering durability and lightness."


Evo DeLorean Edition Top Pannel

What makes the Evo 150 DeLorean Edition visually captivating for those who encounter it?

"It’s a conversation starter, a fusion of automotive heritage and audio technology. Its design appeals to car enthusiasts and audiophiles alike, serving as a piece of art that enhances any listening experience."

Is there an element in the design that embodies its allure and distinctiveness?

"The slatted grille is a standout feature. It's a visual nod to the DeLorean that makes the device not just an audio solution but a statement piece. It was our chance to show that Cambridge Audio is dedicated to innovation, craftsmanship, and the seamless integration of design and technology. It's more than great-sounding hi-fi; it's a bridge between history and the forefront of audio innovation."

Thank you, Ged!

Jed Martin laughing

Ged Martin

Head of Design

Ged has been at Cambridge for over a decade, pioneering design with his unique style.

Mixing technical know-how with creative flair, Ged's been instrumental in shaping Cambridge's products.

Off-duty, Ged jams out to Nathan Fake's "The Sky Was Pink" for some serious inspiration.