Digital Dock for iPad & iPhone

Unlike ordinary iPod docks which at best enhance the iPod’s analogue audio output, the iD100 extracts much purer digital content from your iPod, iPhone or iPad – bypassing the inbuilt analogue conversion circuits. By taking a digital signal, every last drop of detail is fed to an external DAC or AV Receiver where true audiophile quality digital to analogue conversion can take place.

iD 100

Tech Specs

Signal type - Balanced, Signal output level - 2V, Output impedance - 110 ohms, Connection - 3-pin XLR


Signal type - Unbalanced, Signal level - 500mV, Output impedance - 75 ohms, Connection - RCA / Phono

Video output

Composite/S-Video/, Component via 3-position toggle switch

PC sync interface

USB Type-B connection

Power adaptor input:

12V DC, 2A

External IR input

Modulated RC5 via 3.5mm jack connection

Dimensions (W x H x D)

108 x 46 x 128mm (4.3 x 1.8 x 5.0’’)


0.47Kg (1.02lbs)

How to spend it

United Kingdom,

"ruggedly utilitarian but seriously audiophile... the bottom line is that it will squeeze the last gram of quality from your iDevice."

HI-FI World

United Kingdom,

"A neat iPod dock that gets excellent sound quality from the digital output of Apple i-items."