Integrated Amplifier

Jaw-dropping fun...

Stereophile, December 2018

Our most detailed integrated amplifier.

Edge A is made to celebrate musicality. Riffs, phrases, percussive rolls – take in every detail of your music thanks to its dynamic setup. Effortlessly powerful, but with incredible depth, the overall sound is breath-taking – like you’re sat in the recording booth with the musicians.

"Amazing sound quality..."

- T3, NOVEMBER 2018


Breath-taking musicality.

Edge A is designed to bring musical detail to life. It delivers a finely balanced sound with a depth and clarity that come through with every note. We developed the system by ear, testing every component and only choosing those that blew us away. The end result is a ground-breaking arrangement that produces a much cleaner signal path and lets your music breathe. Edge A perfectly delivers our classic British sound – nothing added, nothing taken away.


More musical detail.

We pioneered the use of toroidal transformers in amplifiers, which led to improved performance. In Edge we take this one step further, using opposing symmetry twin toroidal transformers. This cancels out electromagnetic interference whilst offering outstanding power and maintaining consistent tonality, no matter how loud it’s played.


Effortless power without distortion.

Using standard Class A amplifier technology wasn’t going to be efficient enough for Edge A. Instead we added a bias voltage to a traditional Class AB design, reducing distortion to inaudible levels. This unique configuration also produces less heat and makes the whole system much more effective.


Hi-res bluetooth.

Pair any Bluetooth device to your Edge A to easily stream your music. With aptX HD support, you can play your audio at up to 24-bit/48kHz quality for an incredibly rich listening experience.


Sonic balance.

Edge A was designed with a unique PCB. Our engineers replaced conventional capacitors with a DC coupled topology and also added a solid state volume control. The end result is a clean signal path that’s perfectly balanced at any volume.


Perfect partners.

Edge systems are designed to work in perfect synchronisation. Match the performance of Edge A with loudspeakers to make the foundations of a hi-fi system unlike anything else.

Integrated Amplifier
Tech Specs

The Ear

United Kingdom,

‘The way this amp lays out all the detail in front of you and yet delivers it all in a cohesive fashion is nothing short of breathtaking.’

Sound & Vision

United States,

‘The Edge A is, as they used to say, pure sex, and that’s before you even plug it in...

...Some [audiophiles] believe that a separate power and preamplifier is the only way to achieve point-of-diminishing-returns sound quality. But as the Edge A integrated stands ready to show, they’re wrong. I’ve heard the proof.’

AVTech Media Awards 2018/19

United Kingdom,

Best High-End Integrated Amplifier 2018/19

'[W]hat really gives this integrated amp ‘the edge’ over its rivals is its compelling music delivery. Mixing room-shaking prowess with effortless purity, it’s nothing short of a marvel at the price.'

Hi-Fi +

United Kingdom,

'[Edge A is a] stunning new integrated amplifier. Cambridge Audio has long held the reputation of making affordable giant killers. In its 50th year, it made its own giant, and even that is still a giant killer in its own right.'

Gear Patrol

United States,

'Cambridge Audio's most powerful and detailed integrated amplifier ever... ....If you were to build out the perfect hi-fi system for your dream house, this amplifier would probably be at its heart.'

Financial Times - How To Spend It

United Kingdom,

'If I were in the market for an amp to enlighten these dark winter nights, this would be my choice.'


United States,

'I've reviewed many integrated amplifiers for Stereophile.....none provided me with as much simple, exuberant, at times jaw-dropping fun as Cambridge Audio's Edge A.'



Score: 9.7/10

'50 years of Cambridge Audio, [and] it was worth waiting for this amplifier. With the Edge A, the British brand once again prove their outstanding expertise for high-class audio technology at an unrivalled price point.'

Hi-Fi News

United Kingdom,

‘[T]his is a truly high-end contender with totally convincing performance, design and build... You’d have to spend considerably more to match or better the quality on offer here...’



'Cambridge Audio make themselves and their fans a birthday present and release the best amplifier ever developed by the British company: musical, vivid and extremely dynamic.'

Audio Magazine


'[It's] impossible not to be fascinated by the Cambridge Edge A... Cambridge Audio [has] set a benchmark... Excellent measurements demonstrate that the developers (whose signatures are to be found on the circuit boards) have done a brillant job...'



Rating: Outstanding

Score: 4.7/5

'The workmanship, the equipment concept, the sound - it's all well thought out, so valuable, so lovingly implemented that I can't help but like this amplifier from the bottom of my heart..'