Compact Disc Transport

  • High quality audio CD transport – for detailed playback of music CDs
  • Custom designed S3 Servo – perfect disc speed & error free playback 
  • Digital only S/PDIF Coaxial & Optical output – for pure digital audio signal  
  • Gapless playback – ideal for classical pieces & DJ mixes 
  • Acoustically dampened metal chassis – isolates components for peak performance 
  • CX Series V2 setup

    Rewarding Performance

    You’ve spent years collecting CDs, so why not give them the CX sound upgrade too? CXC is a CD transport that’s designed to work with DACs and compatible amps – like our award-winning CXA81. You’ll hear incredible detail from your discs, possibly for the first time. CXC breathes new life into CDs – giving you many more years of enjoyment from them.

    CXC Black Edition

    CX Black Edition

    We present a 1000-piece limited edition of each CX Series 2 model in a minimalist matt black finish, with discreet gloss black branding. The same award-winning sound as CX, only in black. Why? Because we thought they’d look dead cool. If you want some, please don’t delay – CX Black Edition won’t be here for long. 

    CXC on shelf

    Do One Thing Well

    There’s a complete purity of purpose to CXC. It’s built to read the digital audio information on CDs with absolute accuracy and consistency. It then passes that signal on to a DAC, like our DacMagic 200M or the high-quality DACs found in CX amplifiers. Each component in CXC is focused on performing this task with precision.

    CXC detail close up

    Precision Driving 

    The disc drive in CXC was originally designed by our engineers for our high-end CD players. The renowned S3 Servo is no multi-purpose disc drive. By spinning audio CDs at the exact speed required for data retrieval, it provides CXC with award-winning sonic precision and stability. 

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      Man using CXC CD player

      Let’s Get Physical

      CXC benefits from an acoustically dampened metal chassis. It ensures that external forces don’t interfere with the digital signal. CXC has a choice of S/PDIF digital outputs – one coax, the other optical. Pick the one that best suits your DAC, be that a standalone unit or one integrated into an amplifier.

      Un diseño para siempre

      Complete Control

      CXC comes with a remote control, so you can choose exactly what to listen to. And all CX Series remotes can control every CX component, so you only need one device handy for key commands. Alternatively, use the controls on the front of CXC. 

      CXC close up

      Designed for Life

      A CD collection should last a lifetime. We designed and engineered the CXC CD Transport to do the same. The bespoke S3 Servo is built to play CDs with precision for many years to come. And with elegant, minimalistic lines crafted from aluminium and steel, CXC’s timeless design will endure both physically and aesthetically.


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    • The details

      DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUTS S/PDIF coaxial and TOSLINK optical
      DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 85 x 430 x 315mm (3.1 x 16.9 x 12.4”)
      WEIGHT 4.7kg (10.3lbs)
      BOX CONTENTS CXC CD Transport, Power Cable, 3 x AAA Batteries, Remote Control, Control Bus Cable