Azur 651P

Moving magnet and moving coil phono preamplifier

Make the most of any turntable, including the most high-end audiophile models with this Moving Magnet & Moving Coil phono preamplifier. There's something uniquely pleasurable about listening to vinyl, something that digital media can't reproduce in quite the same way. However most hi-fi amplifiers won't let you plug in a turntable directly. You need to connect via a phono stage (also known as a phono preamp) to make the very small signal from the turntable powerful enough for your main amp to work with. But it's very easy to add noise at this stage, which is why we have designed the 651P using premium components chosen for exceptional accuracy, amplifying the signal without distorting it or introducing noise.

Audio circuitry has been refined with multiple transistors wired in parallel ensuring the lowest possible distortion and noise. A copper shield provides further protection to this extremely sensitive part of the circuitry, limiting the noise that can be injected into the signal. This is especially important with a Moving Coil cartridge because its signal is even quieter and more delicate than Moving Magnet, so it needs even more amplification.


High-spec multi-parallel capacitors achieve exceptional RIAA accuracy - the industry standard for reproducing vinyl recordings. While a highly accurate, subsonic filter removes the common problem of unwanted low-frequencies that are inaudible but can damage subwoofers.

Key Features
Tech Specs

Hi-Fi Choice

United Kingdom,

"Given the Cambridge Audio's performance and flexibility, it is difficult to find fault with it. Even when proceedings start to get busy, the Azur 651P performs with an impeccable sense of rhythm, timing and clarity, making it a very worthy addition to any shortlist at the bargain price."


United States,

"It does what all good audio gear should: It gets out of the way and lets the music pour forth. It’s a component any vinyl-playing audiophile will appreciate, and at $249, it’s a steal. If you’re looking to add vinyl capability to your system, listen to an Azur 651P. You can’t do better at anywhere near its price."

Audio Appraisal

United Kingdom,

"Yet again, Cambridge Audio comes to the rescue  of the budget conscious audiophile...The reverb on Freddie’s voice displaying the 651Ps excellent sound staging and ability to convey the sound of a 3-dimensional recording. Instrument separation is excellent when things get busy, and the 651P displays an impeccable sense of rhythm during that infectious guitar/bass solo."

What Hi-Fi?

United Kingdom,

“"... it looks smart and feels solidly put together... this is an exciting musical listen" ”

Max power consumption

Moving magnet (MM): 5W, Moving coil (MC): 5W

Gain @ 1kHz

MM: 39dB, MC: 55dB

Input impedance

MM: 47 kOhm, MC: 100 Ohm

Input capacitance

MM: 220pF, MC: 220pF

Nominal output

MM: 300mV, MC: 300mV

Sensitivity for nominal output

MM: 3.35mV, MC: 0.5mV

Overload margin

MM: >30dB, MC: >30dB

THD 20Hz - 20kHz

MM: <0.005%, MC: <0.002%

RIAA curve accuracy

MM: < +/-0.3dB 20Hz-50kHz (subsonic filter off), MC: < +/-0.3dB 20Hz-50kHz

Signal to noise ratio (using Audio Precision RIAA-1 with grounded inputs)

MM: >86dB, MC: >72dB

Crosstalk @ 20kHz

MM: >83dB, MC: >69dB


Black or silver

Dimensions (WxHxD)

46 x 215 x 133mm (1.8 x 8.5 x 5.2'')


0.9Kg (2.0lbs)