Whether you’re looking for an entry level hi-fi system or a more premium audio setup, our various hi-fi and wireless ranges offer a complete product series of units ideal for any level of music enthusiast.


Forget cost. Forget limitations. Create a system that delivers previously undiscovered layers of detail, is highly transparent, offering superlative sound-staging. A product true to Cambridge Audio’s foundations of creative innovation and entrepreneurial ambition.

Over 3 years in the making, utilising a team of 9 engineers, the result is Edge.

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CX Series v2

For five years, Cambridge Audio’s CX range of two integrated amplifiers, a network audio streamer and a CD transport, has been wildly successful and widely acclaimed. Five years is a while, though - technology seldom stands still. So what does progress look like here? What does it sound like?  

CX Series 2
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CX Series v1

Cutting edge digital audio combining effortless compatibility with your digital music with beautiful design.

CX Series
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Yoyo is a range of Bluetooth speakers designed with the craftsmanship, passion for sound and technological curiosity that only a Hi-Fi engineer can deliver.

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Topaz Series

Our entry-level Topaz range is the perfect way to kick-start your hi-fi obsession. Affordable without compromising sound quality.

Topaz Series
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