2.1 Home Office Package

$589.00 $499.00
  • 2 pcs Min12 Speakers & 1 pc X201 Subwoofer – perfect set-up for small rooms
  • Big sound, compact size – for flexible placement
  • High Gloss ABS Enclosures – looks good & focuses sound 
  • Cables included – 10m of speaker cable & 5m RCA subwoofer lead
  • Available in Black or White – choose the set that works for you
  • Listen While You Work

    With more of us working from home nowadays, why compromise your listening pleasure? A pair of Min12 compact speakers teamed with an X201 subwoofer won’t take up precious space – and, connected to a compatible amp, you’ll hear your ‘Best WFH Playlist’ in hi-fi clarity. This popular set-up is now available in one box, with all the cables you need to get started. 

    Speaker Stands sold separately. 

    Minx S212 in white on a blue background
    • Empire Magazine

      "Beautifully straddling the divide between price, performance and aesthetics, Cambridge Audio's Minx series should be high on the list of anyone looking to up their audio game."

    Man reading a book with the Minx S212 Home Office System in the background

    2.1 Does Go into 1

    If your study’s packed with books, CDs and office equipment, you may struggle to fit bookshelf speakers in. That’s where Minx S212 comes in; 2 compact Min12s under your monitor and a X201 sub tucked away on the floor for a powerful stereo sound – with bass power to get your foot tapping faster than you can type. 

    Home office setup with Minx S212

    What Else do You Need?

    You may already have a spare micro-system or amp, with ‘sub-out’,  available after an upgrade to drive the speakers. 

    Alternatively, a new product like our AXR85 receiver, or even an Evo 75, might be just the job to give you compromise-free hi-fi listening throughout the day.

    Minx Min12 and X201 being connected

    Spot-on Sound

    Minx Min12 compact speakers offer 180° sound dispersion, so they’re easy to position for great sound wherever you are – as there’s no specific sweet-spot. The 4th generation BMR drivers deliver enhanced mid-range performance, to integrate beautifully with Minx X201’s powerful 200W output to deliver room-filling hi-fi sound. 

    Minx X201 Subwoofer

    Works Easy, Plays Hard

    Thanks to auto-on mode Minx X201 automatically powers up when it detects an incoming audio signal, and switches off when it doesn’t. This means you don’t have to fiddle around under your desk to switch it on, nor worry about turning it off when you’ve finished for the day. 

    • Like HIFI logo

      "...detailed and versatile. Thanks to the wide dispersion, there is a pleasantly wide sweet spot and the surround experience comes into its own on every seat on the couch.”

    Minx Min12 Speaker

    Well Connected

    Minx Min12 speakers have hi-fi quality connectors (binding posts) with banana plugs for quick installation of the 10m of cable included in this package. The speakers’ screw fittings accept the supplied flush wall brackets, or any of our 3 optional accessories: table stand, adjustable wall bracket and floorstands. In this set-up, X201 comes with a 5m sub cable. 

    Minx Min12

    Choice of Finish

    Understated design ensures that no matter your interior décor style, a Minx S212 speaker system will always look at home. Finished in tough high-gloss black or white, these compact speakers are beautifully subtle and unobtrusive. 

    Choose white to compliment your home office tech, or black to blend into bookshelves. 


    Active – variable 50Hz-200Hz
    1 x 6.5" subwoofer 2 x 6.5" passive radiator
    88dB (2.83 Vrms input)
    36Hz (-6dB) – 200Hz
    8 Ohms compatible
    25 - 200W
    78 x 154 x 85mm (6.0 x 3.1 x 3.3”)
    210 x 219 x 222mm (8.6 x 8.3 x 8.7")
    0.43kg (0.95lbs)
    5.0Kg (11.0lbs)
    High gloss black or High gloss white
    High gloss black or High gloss white
  • Key features

    Big sound, compact size For flexible placement
    High Gloss ABS Enclosures Looks good & focuses sound 
    Cables included 10m of speaker cable & 5m RCA subwoofer lead
    Available in Black or White Choose the set that works for you
    In the box 2x speakers, 1x Subwoofer, 1x 5m RCA subwoofer lead, 10m speaker cable