Sound Experience 

Our SX speakers are designed for listeners looking for the best possible sound at the most reasonable price. We’ve given SX Series a facelift for its latest incarnation – a minimalist matt black finish, with updated branding applied to the removable fabric speaker grilles, repeated in discreet grey on the front face.

SX speakers play particularly well with our AX Series hi-fi separates, and can breathe new life into an older system, giving fresh voice to your favourite tunes. And thanks to the subwoofer and centre speaker in the line-up, SX can combine to support a formidable home cinema system.

SX-60 Speaker Detail
Living room with an SX set of speakers

Speaker Specifics

SX speakers come in a variety of forms to suit your needs. Their common design and componentry are adapted for each job in hand. SX50 are bookshelf speakers, for tighter spaces. The bigger SX60s can sit on stands or a cabinet, while SX80 floorstanders do just that. Our SX70 centre speaker and SX120 subwoofer are designed for home theatre setups.

SX-80 Speaker Detail

Sound Reproduction 

SX speakers have woofers made from treated paper. Hi-fi manufacturers have used it for years, as paper’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality, so instruments sound rich, well defined, and real. Soft dome tweeters, made from treated silk, take care of the higher frequencies with the same balance of realism and refinement.

SX60 Speaker Detail

Ace at Bass 

SX50, SX60, SX80 and SX120 all feature bass reflex ports to help build the depth demanded by your audio collection. By adjusting speaker positioning, relative to the wall, you can tune bass frequencies to suit your room. However, if space is tight, the speakers are supplied with a special acoustic bung to help achieve the best possible sound.

Living room with a Cambridge Audio setup

Many Drivers, One Voice 

Our team in London took great care and attention when designing the crossovers in SX Series – as they’re responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency. Accuracy of timing and stereo imaging depend on phase remaining completely linear, from top to bottom. The result? Your music sounds engaging, energetic and real.

SX50 connections

Common Features, Uncommon Speakers

All SX speakers come with removable fabric grilles. Some people leave them in the box, others (particularly those with small children) prefer to attach them to the speakers – it’s your choice. SX Series models all have high quality binding posts (connectors) on the rear, which can accept thick cable – with or without banana plugs.

SX60 Bookshelf Speaker

Designed for Real Life 

New look SX Series speakers share a clean, understated design that allows them to sit in a variety of spaces, and work well in all. Whether you’re looking for a discreet pair of bookshelf speakers, some impressive floorstanders or a compromise-free home cinema rig, then SX has you covered