Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Packed with music enriching technology, the GO streams music via Bluetooth for up to 18 hours! It also has Near Field Communication for lightning fast pairing and USB phone charging making it the ultimate wireless speaker whether you’re home or away.


Leave behind the tiny, tinny sound of your digital devices – you’ll want to hear everything through the GO from now on. For the full audio experience the GO is AptX ready, allowing you to stream in full detail from AptX Bluetooth devices.


From one charge the GO will play your music for 18 hours – long after the party’s wound down. And if your phone or tablet can’t keep up, connect it via the USB socket for on-the-Go charging.


GO’s room-filling sound is sure to shock and impress, with balanced treatment of the whole spectrum of sound thanks to:

  • Our proprietary Digital Signal Processing technology which squeezes more detail out of digital music files
  • A highly efficient amp powering dual 2” drivers and two titanium tweeters for expert top and mid-range performance
  • Its rear Auxiliary Bass Radiator, pumping out room filling bass

We’ve added Near Field Communication to the current GO, simply touch any NFC enabled device to the speaker for automatic pairing.

Almost every modern phone or tablet has Bluetooth compatibility, and can be paired with your GO in seconds, and for any other devices you can use the 3.5mm input for fast and easy playback.

Whether you’re streaming music, watching a film or playing a game, you’ll find a way to connect your device to the GO and hear your sound transformed! And each unit remembers up to 8 devices so you don’t have to mess about reconnecting each time.

Key Features
Tech Specs

What Hi-Fi?

United Kingdom,

Winner of 'Best Bluetooth Speakers Under £200'

Stuff Gadget Awards 2014

United Kingdom,

"This might not be the ideal time to be thinking about picnics in the park and BBQs on the beach, but if this isn’t still the best portable speaker in the world when the summer rolls around we’ll eat our straw boater. And that’s not to say it isn’t useful in the winter months - who doesn’t want a speaker that can travel from bedside table to kitchen counter or bathroom shelf on a whim?"

Stuff GO

United Kingdom,

It sounds awesome, it's really well built and its battery lasts a massive 18 hours.

Ideal Home

United Kingdom,

"It's worth making room in your bag to carry this slightly bigger speaker, with its outstanding 18-hour battery life and excellent sound quality - it uses aptX, which gives a CD-standard of audio over Bluetooth."


United Kingdom,

"When you're armed with one of these portable Bluetooth speakers, there's no need for the party to stop just because the bands have finished playing for the night."

Android Magazine

United Kingdom,

"...This gives the sound an extra weight that helps it fill the room, while the highs remain punch and crisp, detecting textures and nuances in voice."



"The highs and mids are crystal clear and there’s more than enough bass to offer a very balanced sound."

British Airways - The Club

United Kingdom,

"Cambridge Audio has been producing quality hi-fi components for more than 45 years. Its latest travel speaker, Go, comprises two sweet-sounding titanium tweeters, a pair of two-inch woofers and a beefy bass radiator that delivers plenty of bottom-end clout."


United Kingdom,

"Battery or mains powered it takes tunes from a phone over Bluetooth and is more than capable of squeezing them into all corners of a decent-sized room, with NFC built-in for out-of-the-box pairing."

Troy Media


"It’s a quality product with a great fit and finish, and the sound quality is very clear"

Pocket Lint

United Kingdom,

"If you want a slice of the best of British, [albeit on a budget,] then the Go v2 portable Bluetooth speaker is well worth a look."


United Kingdom,

"Cambridge Audio have paid a lot of attention to detail when it comes to sound. A good all round performance, with an immensely amazing battery life. Great sound for a speaker so small, with all the detail you need!"

BBC Music

United Kingdom,

"The Go may be small, but the power that it's capable of producing is extraordinary. And more surprising, given it's compact size, is its ability to reproduce extreme high and low frequencies." 

Sound & Vision

United States,

"The Go is perfect for someone who wants better and louder sound than the average wireless portable, or who wants to amplify their music device and doesn't want to commit to their speaker staying put in one room."

What Hi-Fi?

United Kingdom,

"Cambridge Audio does it again – this is a fantastic, hugely entertaining portable speaker"


United States,

“Music-lovers who choose to pack the GO on their next trip won’t be disappointed. The relatively small form factor pumps out serious, room-filling sound via two titanium tweeters and 2×2″ woofers.” 

AV Forums

United Kingdom,

"he well designed speaker array means that the Go can create sensibly wide front soundstage, allowing it to fill quite a large room with sound despite its size."

United States,

“Bluetooth pairing is easy enough with an iPhone and dead-simple with the NFC pairing built into most new Android phones: just tap your phone on the logo and you’re connected. This is now the speaker I’ll recommend to friends who can afford to spend $200 on a wireless speaker."

Drive units

2 x 50mm (2") woofers, 2 x 19mm (0.75") titanium dome tweeters, 1 x rear-firing bass radiator


AptX Bluetooth with Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing ,3.5mm aux ,USB charging port


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Up to 18 hours battery life from a single charge

Input voltage

100V – 240V (50/60Hz)

Standby power consumption


Auto Power Down

After 30 minutes of inactivity

Dimensions (WxHxD)

237 x 123 x 60mm (9.3" x 4.8" x 2.4")


1.1kg (2.4lb)