Just Add Vinyl

You’ve spent years dreaming of the perfect record collection. You’ve dedicated weekends to searching for hidden gems in record shops and carefully curated your discoveries. You put the time in because you love music. We did the same creating Alva – because we share that love and believe that your records deserve to sound as fantastic as they look.

Alva is the name we give our products designed to unlock that characteristic warm vinyl sound. It includes a pair of new Alva turntables, our custom-designed moving coil cartridge, and two award-winning phono pre-amplifiers. 

Whether you’re looking for a new turntable, a cartridge, or need a phono pre-amp – to hear more detail from an older deck – we’re confident that Alva has the answer. 

ALVA TT V2 up close with a blue vinyl record

Vinyl as it Should Sound

Whether you’re dusting off your record collection or new to vinyl, there’s a unique sensation from the moment you lower the stylus onto an album, it clicks into place and the opening bars ring out. We've designed Alva to help you enjoy every note and nuance, from every record. Alva preserves the cutting engineer’s mastery – so that records sound as they should. 

Woman sitting on the floor with headphones on, turntable and evo in distance

Kings of Convenience

Alva turntables are for people who want to listen to records at exceptional quality – without the need to choose or fit extra components. Alva keeps it simple by coming with perfectly matched cartridges pre-fitted. Alva connects to pretty much any audio system too, as our turntables have switchable integrated phono stages. They’ll even work wirelessly with Bluetooth speaker systems and headphones.

Hand turning on bluetooth switch at back of alva tt v2

Hi-Res Bluetooth Turntables

Built-in Bluetooth aptX HD liberates our turntables from the rest of your hi-fi. With the freedom to place an Alva deck on any flat-surface you choose, your records take centre-stage. Music can be streamed to any compatible Bluetooth kit at up to 24bit/48kHz Hi-Res quality. Or, you can simply use phono cables – it’s your call. 

Alva solo grey background

Alva Duo and Solo

Designed to get the best from turntables, and amplifiers, without high quality integrated phono stages – Alva Duo and Solo help unlock the unique vinyl sound. Alva phono pre-amps have been carefully designed with state-of-the-art power supplies and new surface mounted circuit boards to reduce unwanted noise – helping you squeeze every inch of detail from your records.

alva mc moving coil cartridge engaged with record

Alva MC

With its exposed cantilever design and elliptical stylus, our engineers custom-designed Alva MC, a high-output Moving Coil cartridge originally for Alva TT, to deliver stunning levels of musical detail. The 68° angled cantilever is a call-back to our founding year of 1968 and a celebration of over 50 years of innovation. 


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