Rewarding Performance

There comes a point when the time is right to move forward. We took our highly regarded CX Series hi-fi separates and carefully upgraded their design, componentry and capabilities for you – today’s discerning hi-fi listener. 

The result? CX Series 2 – it’s the sound you’ve always promised yourself. Amplifiers that give you the power, detail and control you deserve. A network player that’s won countless awards for its ability to reveal the full musicality of streaming and internet radio. And a CD transport that breathes life into your carefully curated collection. 

We appreciate that buying new hi-fi separates isn’t something you do every day, but we’re confident that CX Series 2 will reward your trust by revealing previously unheard clarity and emotion in your favourite albums.

CXA81 closeup with CXC and CXN
  • “CX is Simply the Best in its League! 

    I decided it was time to upgrade the hi-fi. I went all out and ordered the CXA81, CXN and CXC. 

    The level of quality in the whole setup is simply stunning. The new CX range offers fantastic detail in the mid & top end with plenty of depth and warmth in the lower end of the spectrum (without over-emphasis).” 

    CX Listener - Glasgow, Scotland 

CXA81 with turntable

One Step Beyond

CX sits at the centre of our line-up. This best-selling series takes audio performance further forward than our acclaimed entry-level AX series. As CX shares design cues with much of our range, it’s possible to upgrade a system whenever you’re ready. You can even add a matching Alva turntable, extending the detailed CX sound to vinyl too.

What Hi-Fi award statues with CXA81

Engineered in London, Respected Globally

What sets CX apart is greater use of proprietary components and audio innovation – topped with an even more rigorous design, engineering and testing regime.

The fruits of this labour are recognised by a stack of international hi-fi awards from experts, and a legion of devoted CX listeners around the globe.

Button being pressed on the CXA81

Timeless Style

When buying hi-fi at this level you’re making a commitment to the future. We recognise this, so we carefully select components and materials that will survive many years’ use – such as robust steel chassis with sculpted aluminium facias. We keep switches and lights to a minimum to maintain a pure audio signal path, but also because minimalistic design doesn’t date.

Man enjoying CX series Hi-Fi in a living room setting

Enjoy Yourself

We know that you don’t buy hi-fi on a whim. It’s something you could spend months – even years – researching to find exactly what you want. It’s important to listen, so head to your local hi-fi store with some favourite albums, and audition – really loud. If you don’t have a dealer nearby, we offer a 60-day home trial.

Close up of CXA61

Two Amps, Two Personalities

CXA81 and CXA61 integrated amplifiers are at the heart of the series. Built on solid foundations laid by previous CX amps, both have distinct personalities. Apart from the difference in power, CXA81 could be described as refined, while CXA61 is characterised by a more urgent sound. An audition will help you decide which is right for your music.

Close up of the CXN

A Well Networked Player

We shouldn’t have favourites, but CXN V2 is something else – hi-fi specialists and our listeners agree. CXN V2 will instantly transform a classic hi-fi stack into a system with a bright future. And because it’s a network device, CXN V2 can be upgraded remotely, via our StreamMagic platform, to receive new features and services.

Man using CXC CD player

We’re Into CD

You’ve spent years collecting CDs, so why shouldn’t they get the CX sound upgrade too? CXC is a CD transport, which means it’s got just one job: read CDs perfectly. That signal is then sent to a Digital to Analogue Converter, such as that found inside a CX amp, for it to do the rest.

CX Series Hi-Fi stack in living room

Come Together

With CX Series 2, you can build a system that offers the convenience of modern ways to listen, but one that places the emotional response centre-stage. CX respects all music – with a level of clarity you’ve perhaps not heard before. Buying new hi-fi kit is something to be savoured, so join us as we explore the CX Series.


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