StreamMagic Streaming Platform

The StreamMagic module is at the heart of all our award-winning streamers. Here’s why it really is the King of the Streamers.

It’s no coincidence that, since we released our first streamer product in 2011, each network player has picked up a What Hi-Fi? Award within the streaming category. That’s seven consecutive years (without even mentioning the other 5 star reviews and other industry accolades!) So what’s the secret? Well, each unit has had one small thing in common… Our propriety StreamMagic platform.


This innovative custom hardware module, combined with our in-house designed software platform, gives us the flexibility to adapt to changes in formats, streaming services and technologies much more quickly than if we’d simply picked a solution off the shelf. StreamMagic features a powerful processor, bringing high performance, both in speed of use and playback of all formats including high-res music files.

851N What Hi-Fi? Awards 2017 Winner

What benefits does StreamMagic bring to listeners?

Creating our own platform means that we can offer huge levels of functionality with intuitive usability and simple controls. Our streamers give access to multiple streaming services, Airplay and Spotify Connect, whilst offering complete compatibility with various digital sources, UPnP network routers and local USB playback for Macs and PCs. It’s presented using full-colour displays with our own responsive interface. The powerful module hardware allows for fast browsing and playback of formats all the way up to FLAC, WAV and DSD, and is designed to seamlessly operate with our renowned upsampling DAC technology.


As mentioned, we’ve developed this software ourselves, and we’re able to react quickly to support new technologies and audio formats. This ‘in-house’ approach also means we have full control over the user interface.  So whenever we create a new function, improve our app, or fix a bug, you’ll be prompted to update to the latest version of software. Your already award-winning product will just get better and better. 


In our current line-up you’ll find StreamMagic driving our 851N, CXN and CXR products.

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