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Close-up of circuit board

¿Por qué el producto que quiero está agotado?

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Woman and tents at festival

How to Make Your own Festival at Home

After what feels like a lifetime, it looks like festivals are finally back. With Standon Calling, Boardmasters and Latitude already going ahead successfully and
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Alva TT turntable and Edge A integrated amplifier on wooden unit

How Bluetooth Takes Away the Wire

Cambridge Audio has been making products with Bluetooth for almost a decade – from our first Bluetooth speakers, to the world’s first turntable with wireless
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person looking through records

Cambridge Audio's Favourite Albums of 2021 so far

Somehow, we’ve already made it to July and while some things are still unsettled – namely, the weather – one thing that has brought much delight to our ears so
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Cambridge Audio Engineer and 'Smelly Rocker' looking at a can of beans

Small but mighty: How we managed to fit everything inside Evo

As an all-in-one system, Evo does a lot. It has a suite of digital and analogue inputs, and by using our StreamMagic hardware and app, it can access music
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Man on sofa listening to Alva TT record player

Thanks, Dad

Today – Sunday 20th June 2021 – is Father’s Day. A day of reflection, appreciation and celebration for the men who raised us. But, rather than picking up a
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Cambridge Audio Engineer with 'Smelly Rocker' character

In Tune With Evo

‘Tuning’ is one of the last phases of testing a new product before its release – one of many ways a new piece of hi-fi is put through its paces to make sure it
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Evo, phone and remote

Giving Evo its Voice

As an all-in-one system, Evo is more than the sum of its parts – but it’s also very much comprised of a collection of components that are carefully designed and
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Evo engineering image, taking the lid off the product

What’s the Deal With Class D?

Cambridge Audio’s new all-in-one player, Evo, uses revolutionary Hypex NCore Class D amplification. Until Hypex NCore changed the game, Class D amplification
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