"...ideal for kitting out even the smallest pad with big-room sound. A smart way to get kick-arse audio for films and music!"


Wielka Brytania,

Minx X201

Subwoofer o mocy 200W

Minx X201

Subwoofer o mocy 200W

350 USD
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"With eyes closed, nobody would believe that loudspeakers are playing and are barely larger than a can of cola... after having lived with the Min21 and X300 I can report to you that the Min21’s sound even better than the already excellently performing Min20’s."

What Hi-Fi?

Wielka Brytania,

"Where space is tight, the miniscule Minx fits the bill and sounds fabulous."


Wielka Brytania,

Minx makes it on T3's Greatest Gadgets Ever list! "It seems inconceivable that such small cubes, which are virtually invisible when dotted around, can fill a room as easily as they do."

Trusted Reviews

Wielka Brytania,

"Jamo and Tannoy have already set the bar very high in the compact speaker system market, but Cambridge Audio’s Minx S315 sails right over it. The power on offer from such diminutive speakers defies physics, while the thrilling dynamics, clear detail and punchy, potent bass create the illusion that there are much larger speakers in the room."


Wielka Brytania,

"...ideal for kitting out even the smallest pad with big-room sound. A smart way to get kick-arse audio for films and music!"

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"Clean, dynamic and exceptionally crisp sound that lacks any signs of aggressiveness or discoloration - many bigger speakers would like to have such qualities."

British Airways Business Life

Wielka Brytania,

"Minx doesn't just fit into a room, it melts into it - you may need a magnifying glass to even find its cute cubular boxes."



"A system with great dynamics and depth that defy its small size. Perfect speakers for a discreet and efficient system."

Financial Times

Wielka Brytania,

“Well, Bose is about to get a sound thrashing from the British boys at Cambridge Audio, whose brand-new minx is even smaller than Acoustimass – especially the subwoofer – and simply better. Much, much better. I’ve listened to the two side by side, and the Bose by comparison sounds notably clumsy and muffled.”

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Pasmo przenoszenia

36Hz (-6dB) – 200Hz


Aktywna – regulowana w zakresie 50Hz-200Hz


1 x 6.5" subwoofer; 2 x 6.5" membrana bierna

Wymiary (W x S x G)

219 x 210 x 222mm


5,0 kg


Czarne wysoki połysk, białe wysoki połysk